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Message From The Director

Welcome to PLC! We are proud to offer an alternative school setting for high school students in Pampa. Learning occurs in many different ways, and students can be successful adults in a variety of venues. Students enrolled at Pampa High School may apply to come to PLC. The application process begins with Suzanne Pingel, the district social worker, whose office is at the high school. While students apply to PLC for many different reasons, we are proud of our campus, happy to build positive relationships with our students, and continuously mentor students in making a plan for lifelong learning and successful careers. We strive to assist our students in finding their own definition of success and happiness. In addition to the students requesting to attend PLC, the entire staff have requested to be here. Pampa Learning Center is “the place to be” in great part because of the dedication and genuine love shown by these master educators. We are very proud of our success stories and would welcome a visit or a phone call for more information. Please Like our Facebook page and follow the great things happening on our campus!


Carrie Williams



Carrie Williams



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